10 Best Motivational Life Lessons to Learn from India’s Proud “Metro Man” E. Sreedharan

Pic: vakkomsen.blogspot.com

E Sreedharan, known as the Metro Man. He is a leader who has evolved a system that he believes, can do without him. A man who is self-effacing in his humility and can’t be bothered with glory. A leader who has full faith in his team and credits his project success to all his employees. He is credited for changing the face of public transport in India by his leadership for building Delhi Metro and there is no other like him. Many tried to build his work philosophy with scraps of information but none succeeded like him. Here we are revisiting the decade and a half that made him an icon and sharing some of his life lessons which are relevant even today.

Follow your principles

Sreedharan who over the years have given his life to his work and passion has always followed his principles throughout his work period and still continues to do so. Following your own principle of work can lead to a better determination in your work and will prepare you up for maximum resistance.

Be confident

Always be confident on what you have chosen and that would be the best of all and always do follow the required procedures for the work. Confidence will shape up your firmness and the determination to work more stronger will develop in you.

Focus on goals

You will be able to function only if you have marked your goals well and the focus should be centered only on the goal. As Sreedharan says, you might be obstructed by some hurdle that come up your way but having the courage of standing up again leads you to success.

Strong conviction

There is a sincerity that you need while working, an assurance that will keep you moving ahead and then you need to have an strong conviction. A strong conviction in work is a ladder of success. You take decisions and implement it accordingly.

Practice what you preach

Sreedharan says that business is being about punctual and you can never compromise with it. He follow the rules religiously. Sreedharan believes in practicing of what he preaches and punctuality is DMRC’s hallmark. Keeping aside the employees, even Sreedharan never makes himself late.

Seek different narratives

Suggestions are always welcome and Sreedharan believes on it. On Monday of every month, Sreedharan holds a meeting  where he discussed his company issues and listen to the solution from his employees. The meeting is a freewheeling chat where Sreedharan is approachable to all.

Always challenge yourself

Sreedharan believes in challenging yourself. Pull up your goal posts and demand higher standards for improvements and every time you think that the goal seems to be easy, throw up a surprise by setting a tighter deadline.

Small to-do list

Keep confusion out of execution and priorities it well when the time period is short and in such a case keep your to-do list small so that things can be achieved on time.

Think bigger

A bridge is just a bridge till you envision it as a state-of-the-art engineering wonder and that’s what Sreedharan thinks. Thinking bigger would lead you to higher goals and will keep you aspire to get the best of everything.

Vision and Success

Some things demand vision not limited by convention or expectations and this is what led to the grandeur of Delhi Metro. Always Benchmark yourself against the prevalent system and you’ll land with moderate success.

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