10 Famous News Anchors, TV Hosts and Political Commentators from Pakistan

Pic: dawn.com

The other country-Pakistan has always been in news and also holds some special one’s within. Like other countries journalists, anchors, hosts and political commentators who are famous for making their influence greater, Pakistan has also famous news anchors, TV hosts and political commentators who are in the list and are famous for their opinions as well as honest remarks.

Here is a list of some news anchors, TV hosts and political commentators from Pakistan for whom opinion matters and are really the outperformers in their field and are still doing the same.

Hamid Mir

A Pakistani Journalist and a news anchor and has also worked with mainstream newspapers of Pakistan and formerly known for his Urdu and English newspapers-national and international. Mir is famous for his best journalistic work and also the most famous TV personality. Hamid Mir always stands on what he believes and that makes him stand apart.

Javed Chaudhry

Javed Chaudhry is a newspaper columnist in Pakistan and has a great influence over people. Javed Chaudhry is famous for speaking his heart out and often has a mention on a how one’s own country works and hold many political talk shows where he raise many valid points.

Mubasher Lucman

An outspoken journalist who hold various talk shows as host. Mubasher Lucman has outraged many including politicians where he exposed their lies and slowly he became famous for his outspoken criticism. Lucman likes to reveal truth at any cost.

Aftab Iqbal

The TV host of Express news and others. Aftab Iqbal holds talk show on a number of issues and bringing them into light through his own opinions that formed on facts and basis. The famous Newsweek Pakistan was held by him.

Hassan Nisar

Hassan Nisar is an Pakistani journalist and is very popular in Pakistan among the youth. Hassan Nisar is famous for his straightforwardness and unbiased analysis of history and this made him an attraction and also a political commentator who make his views honestly.

Meher Bukhari   

Famous Pakistani journalist and a popular TV anchor. Meher Bukhari is a high profile journalist who knows that how to get the nerve right. She is outspoken and a fearless journalist who always go by herself made opinions and views.

Shahid Masood

The political writer, television host and a journalist and is well known for his tough rhetoric against the US led policies on the War on Terror. Shahid Masood carried out extensive political interviews of country’s influential politicians and include many covered stories.

Sohail Ahmed (Azizi)

Sohail Ahmed is best known as Azizi and a television personality of Pakistan. Sohail Ahmed (Azizi) is best known as an outspoken opponent and is notable for making humor ob current affairs. Azizi is also an Comedian and an TV actor.

Najam Sethi

The controversial Pakistani journalist and a media personality who has views, facts and evident and political affairs are his specialty. Najam Sethi has been famous for keeping his thoughts as the way they are.

Junaid Saleem

A Pakistani Talk Show Host and hosts political comedy and is famous for exposing political corruptions and lawlessness. Junaid Saleem in his talk show raise many question on politics affairs and puts humor in them.

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