10 Great Life Lessons to Learn from ‘God of Cricket’ Sachin Tendulkar’s Life

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Sachin Tendulkar, The man who was made for cricket, the man who loved cricket, the man whose one and only passion was cricket and the man whom cricket loved back. Sachin Tendulkar is just not only a name but a billion dreams, known as the God of cricket. When he played his last day of International cricket at Wankehde, there were only Sachin fans who were waiting for him to hear for the last time and he gave an emotional farewell speech which melted many hearts. In his career, Sachin had gone through many stages, some of them he discussed in his speech in the form of what he learnt and what we should gain from him.

Here are ten life lessons from the God of Cricket.

Path-how much it might be difficult, never give up

Whatever you have chosen for yourself, you will be obstructed many times and it doesn’t matter how difficult the path is never giving up is the only answer to difficulties because success has no short cuts. It could only be achieved by hard work and true passion.

Be patient

Always be patient while you are working hard and hard as best things in life never come for free and also they aren’t achieved easily. You have to look back again and again to correct yourselves and followed the outcome will surely satisfy your desire.

Impossible is nothing

Sachin has hundred centuries and until he scored this everyone thought that it was an impossible task but Sachin prove them wrong. He set and perfect example by scoring a hundred centuries that nothing is impossible and things can be achieved if one has the determination for it.


Being disciplined is a hard thing to be, as it is about control of both body and soul. Without discipline our talent can reach nowhere. Even Sachin’s discipline is more attractive than his straight drive and he credits his success to hi discipline which taught him to be centered.


Whatever you do, do it fill dedication. It’s the only key one can be true to his passion. Sachin played cricket the very next day of his father’s death. This was Sachin’s dedication that he achieved his goal. Every time Sachin raised his bat high in the field, it was for his father.

Stay focused

Sachin has never tried his hands on anything other than cricket. That might be after his success or after a few failures. This quality of his tells us not to lose hope in ourselves. We should decide on what we want to do and should never shift our focus from it.

Adapt to the change

Sachin is marvelous and he will fit in any category of cricket he has played. Era’s and levels are not meant for him as he quickly transforms himself. The same way, one should quickly adapt to the new changes as and when they come. This way you will always stay ahead of others in your stream.


Composure is a very important aspect of one’s life. Sachin has never shown his anger on field for any wrong decision.  One should always keep your calm and never respond to other people trying to create trouble.

Being positive

All the criticism Sachin faces via the media and other senior players about his bad play at times are answered by a good game of cricket and not by talks. One should always be positive and believe in themselves during hardships.

Every small step is important

Sachin don’t just hits boundaries, there are  many 1’s and 2’s that add up to his score. One should learn to pay attention to every small work we do, which will add up to the end result.

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