10 Inspiring things to know about Stephen Hawkings

10 Inspiring things to know about Stephen Hawkings-1

Birth date

Stephen Hawkins was born in the year 1942 on Jan 8th. It is also the same date when Galileo died about 300 years back. This is a remarkable co-incidence which has been noticed and co-related to know that Stephen Hawkings was also very talented like yesteryear’s scientist Galileo.


He made a remarkable achievement in Physics where he sorted out the complicated concepts and equations and make them available to the general public in simple language.

10 Inspiring things to know about Stephen Hawkings-1


Stephen Hawking’s wrote the bestseller called “A brief history of time”. It went on to become very popular and is registered with record breaking selling of its copies.

Poor student

Considering the amount and the kind of researches done by Stephen Hawkings, he was still considered to be a mediocre student at school. Despite being extra ordinarily bright he failed to show his real caliber during his school days.

10 Inspiring things to know about Stephen Hawkings-1


Stephen Hawking’s have always been very curious as a kid. Of course that is very typical of all students that are research oriented. He would always sit down to disassemble radios & clocks to dig in deeper to see how they work but was very bad at putting them together.

Nicknamed Einstein

Stephen Hawkings was popularly called as Einstein as his real caliber could be gauged by his peers and his teachers.

10 Inspiring things to know about Stephen Hawkings-1

Won Scholarship in Oxford

Stephen Hawking’s won the scholarship in Oxford to everybody’s great surprise. His father was very keen in putting him to Oxford. And, he also succeeded in clearing the exam with perfect score in Scholarship.

Hated Biology

Stephen Hawking’s hated Biology as a subject. He still loved Science a lot but had aversion to Biology. He found Biology to be very descriptive and illogical as compared to precise and to the point concepts of other subjects of science.

10 Inspiring things to know about Stephen Hawkings-1

Oxford Rowing Team

Stephen Hawking’s had a liking towards boat rowing and always wanted to be a part of it. Despite having small built or non athletic body he was recruited to be a part of Oxford’s rowing team.


Hawking’s was severely ill at 21. He was hospitalized for two weeks to learn that he is a suffered of some neurological disorder. He was told that he could only survive for a few years of time as he will lose control on his voluntary muscles.

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