10 Leading Actresses of Crime Patrol – One of the Most Watched Show

Based on real life crime stories, Crime Patrol is the highest rated show in crime that airs on Sony Channel and its job is to depict all kinds of crime stories. The motto of the show, Crime Patrol apart from showing crime is also to raise awareness amongst people and alert them. Crime Patrol is hosted by Anup Soni which presents the various signs and signals which can be noticed before a crime is committed by recreating real-life criminal cases through dramatization. The Indian crime reality television series has some wonderful characters that made the story as real as it had happened.

Here are some female actresses who are a part of the crime patrol series.

Vaibhavi Upadhyay

Crime patrol’s young actress who majorly played as a victim in most of the episodes and in some as a part of the ongoing crime. Vaibhavi Upadhyay is one of the actresses of crime patrol who takes her every role and character with its roots.

Pic: YouTube

Ahsaas Channa

Plays on the teenager part. Ahsaas Channa in many of the episodes in crime patrol has played on the same part and has kept it true to her every role as she takes the depth of her every character and the things going around.

Pic: Tellychakkar.com

Vinita Joshi Thakkar

A brilliant actor onscreen. Vinita Joshi Thakkar have done some high episodes of the show as a college girl, as an housewife and the good thing is that she can brilliantly relate to all the characters she had performed.

Pic: Photo Gallery

Parul Gulati

The actress had played on multiple roles, somewhere as a accused while on some as a planner. She was mostly features in high murder episodes in crime patrol. Parul Gulati is still being featured in many episodes of the crime show and now extending her roles too.

Pic: ImagesHD.In

Ekta Tiwari

Featured in many episodes of crime patrol, played as part of a family who has been a victim of abuse and molestation and also stop up against crime. Ekta Tiwari have done regular episodes of the show and is still playing.

Pic: YouTube

Mahendi Jain

Featured in episodes of the show as a student. Mahendi Jain has been featured weekly in the show. She fits as a perfect choice for the role of a student. Apart from the role of a student, Mahendi Jain has proved herself in some crime roles too.

Pic: YouTube

Veebha Anand

The girl who played as a victim the show and in most of the episodes. Her well remembering episodes were acid attacks one where she fought against crime. She mostly goes on for a role of a simple girl who goes on to be a victim of society.

Pic: BollyCurry

Parul Chaudhary

Seen in the mostly negative characters, Parul Chaudhary has done several episodes in crime patrol and also mostly seen in murder cases that collected a lot of news and rumors. Her latest episode was also based on a murder case.

Pic: YouTube

Swati Kapoor

Have done many number of episodes in the show, roles ranging from a teenager to a lover, Swati Kapoor has done the best of everything. She had been featured in every week’s episode.

Pic: Tellychakkar.com

Kritika Desai

Did several roles and is the most popular actor of the show. Kritika Desai has been offered great roles in the lead and is also the first choice. Over many episodes, Kritika Desai had been featured in numerous roles.

Pic: WholeCelebWiki

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