10 Management Lessons from Mahabharata for every Startup

10 Management Lessons from Mahabharata for every Startup
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Mahabharata is one of the most Educative Epics of Ancient India. Understanding Mahabharata is equal to one MBA. There are many learning from Mahabharata for Management guys. But here we are sharing some lessons for Startups from Mahabharata.

1) Do Business ethically

Always be with the truth like Pandavas. It doesn’t matter how long you suffer. Startups that do business with ethics remain in the business for long. Look at Infosys; it became an institution of trust and repute because of the values & ethics established by the great N. R. Narayana Murthy & other founders.

2) Quality over Quantity

Look for quality over quantity. Arjuna chose Krishna whereas Duryodhana chose Krishna’s army. Arjuna went for quality (Krishna’s expertise) whereas Duryodhana went for quantity (number of army personnel). Pandavas won the war because of Krishna, the quality.

3) Focus on your Goals

Sometime we digress ourselves from our goals. Be like Arjuna who just wanted to hit the bird’s eye. Focus on limited matters and do them well. Planning many things to do at a time will end in failure.

4) Practice, Practice, Practice

In order to succeed the founders need to get hold of their business model. They need to practice like Arjuna. There’s no substitute for practice. More you will experiment with your product or service, more exposure you will gain.

5) Risk v/s Gamble

When you run a startup, know the difference between risks and gamble. Don’t put all your resources at stake on one thing & use them wisely. Have some cut off limit otherwise you will become like Dhritarashtra who lost everything in the gamble.

6) Mentoring matters a Lot

Make sure you are taking mentoring (advise) from someone who is expert in your field. Right mentoring can make things easy for you. One of the reasons Pandavas succeeded because they were continuously in touch with Krishna, Vidura, Bhishma and many others.

7) Pick the message

When Duryodhna made a plan to kill Pandavas in Lakshagraha, Vidura sent an indirect message to Pandavas. With their intelligence, Pandavas were able to decode the message and they were able to save their lives. As a startup founders you need to understand the pulse of the market and consumers. You need to read between the lines what investors say.

8) Be Ready for sacrifice

When you are building something you will need to make all kind of sacrifices. You may need to leave you comfort like Pandavas who spent many years in forest but they never lost their skills or life goals.

9) Don’t be in the company of stupid

Duryodhana lost because he was in the company of Shakuni who was one of the stupid people. Duryodhana lost his entire mind and started following his uncle blindly. Similarly, when you are running a startup, be in the company of good & positive mind set people.

10) Know before you act

Even though Arjuna knew that he had to fight war but still he wasn’t clear about certain things. Instead of going and fighting without knowing the reason he decided to get clarity before he could start fighting. Krishna gave him answer to his entire questions. Similarly when you are running your startup, don’t move ahead with unanswered questions.

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