10 Motivations From Job Only Working Person Will Understand

Offices are full of Stress, Work Pressure, Politics and Challenges. Employee’s 30% Salary is straight away cut in taxes. Remaining 70% disappears in a day settling bills, paying EMI and managing some small family trips. Here are few Motivational things for an employee in his/her office (Just for fun but mostly reality) 

1) Getting selected for first job. Best motivational moment is carrying offer letter in hand and reading “CTC” page and “Net Salary” column.

Getting first job

2) Free unlimited tea-coffee in Office. Sometime it could be free Soup, milk badam, juice or cookies also if it’s creative multinational.

Taking tea coffee in office

3) Sitting with beautiful girls/boys. Having lunches and outings with them.

office working scene

4) Availing Saturday & Sunday as weekly off. Looking for long weekends.


5) Enjoying company sponsored Training Programs especially when they are in Five Stars or at outside locations.

Training lunch

6) Stealing company’s stationary. Using company resources for personal use.

stealing office supplies

7) Making fake bills or overcharging in travel, conveyance, food claims.

overcharging expenses

8) Using office time for personal work.

using office time

9) Friday’s, Salary Day, Bonus Days are the most inspiring days.

salary day

10) Feeling relaxed and cool when Boss is not around or on leave.

relaxing in office


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