10 Must Watch Best Hindi Bollywood Motivational Films of Year 2016

10 Must watch Best Hindi Bollywood Motivational Films of Year 2016

People love watching films. If the films are motivation then it inspires millions of people. Films are one of the biggest sources of motivation. Films give people reasons to believe and dream. Here we are sharing ten best Hindi Bollywood motivational films of year 2016.

1) Sultan

Story of a wrestler, Sultan give you reason to believe yourself. It shows how your personal and professional life needs to be managed equally. When you chase your dreams, make sure you don’t ignore your personal commitments.

2) Airlift

This movie tells that every person when lives outside his/her country, should not forget his/her own motherland. When you get into trouble, it’s only your countrymen who can save you.

3) Azhar

A sportsperson when get famous can’t hide his personal and professional life. Sometime you may get into trouble for wrong reasons. People are judged by perception. It’s not easy to change that perception.

4) M.S. Dhoni: The Untold Story

A person should never leave his/her career for granted. One should make his/her own career. Identify your strengths and then work accordingly. Nothing is impossible in life.

5) Madaari

Common people suffer because of corruption and lack of system. When a common person decides to take revenge, no one can stop him.

6) Neerja

Every single person is responsible to live and die for the country. Humanity is above all. In all circumstances one should fight like Neerja no matter if you lose your life.

7) Jai Gangaajal

This is story of a brave lady police officer. Though fictional but gives a reason to all women to stand up and take charge. No matter if you are a woman, you still can change the world.

8) Saala Khadoos

Nothing comes so easy. As a teacher or a coach one need to make sure the person is able to shape the life and career of his/her students. Being rude sometime gets good results.

9) Budhia Singh – Born to Run

Every person is talented no matter if someone is a small kid. Indian youth is full of talent and they have lot of potential. Only thing is to nurture that potential.

10) Rustom

A person is judged because of his honesty and truthfulness. You will have personal and professional issues. Make sure you handle them equally well.

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