10 Reasons behind Kapil Sharma’s Success & Being Famous

Kapil sharma dashing

1) Multi Talented – He’s not only a Comedian but also a Singer, Actor, Host and a Social Activist (creating social awareness for Voting, Road Safety, Charity for Policemen etc).

2) Very Humble –  Even if his show has crossed 100 episodes and is very successful still his behavior with his guests & audience has not changed. He gives utmost respect to his Guests and Crew members (as you must have seen him introducing his crew members time to time)

3) Risk Taker – He left Comedy Circus at the time when it was at it’s peak. He started Comedy Nights with Kapil by putting all of his savings on stake.

4) Testing Time – Fire broke on Kapil’s set. Entire set got burnt including technical equipment’s like cameras, sound ststems etc. He was in tears on set but he didn’t loose faith. He started a fresh and the show didn’t loose any popularity. This incident has made him more strong.

5) Sticking to Basics – He understands Indian audience very well. His comedy revolves around life of every human being weather Rich, Middle class or Poor. People may be different from wealth but there are certain things which are common in every human being. Rajdeep Sardesai, renowned Journalist once mentioned that even his Grandmother is big Fan of Kapil. Rohit Shetty also shared same experience about her mother being fan of Kapil Sharma.

6) Connect Across Borders – People regularly participate in his show from Pakistan, America, United Kingdom, Canada, Italy and so on. People from abroad share that they don’t feel alone outside India after watching Kapil’s show. His comedy has helped in joining families.

7) Doesn’t belong to any Camp – Entertainment Industry have camps (group ism). Kapil Shama is the only person after Boman Irani who doesn’t belong to any camp. He shares equal reputation with every celebrity whether it’s Shahrukh, Aamir, Salman or anybody else.

8) Versatility – Kapil will never bore you with same set of comedy. He has versatility in his characters from Inspector Shamsher, Lala Roshan Lal, Bittu and so on.

9) Self Confidence & Domain Knowledge – Interviewing legends on his show requires not only self confidence but also subject knowledge. People from varied professions have participated in his show and Kapil has always looked confident asking questions and doing comedy with them.

10) Being Himself – This is the most required quality for someone to be truly successful. He has created his own image for audience. So far no one can say he’s copying any other comedian.

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