10 Reforms India Needs on Priority to Become ‘A Great Nation’

Reforms India Needs on Priority to Become Super Power

Lot of churning is happening in India right now to be more transparent, corruption free, developed, educated and so on. We are at a place where we have laws & systems which are very old and have got corroded. Most of them don’t fit in today’s requirements. Every Indian is making efforts to change them so we can have a better tomorrow. Based on our understanding, let’s have a look at those 10 reforms which India need to do asap:-

1) Goods & Services Tax

2) Skill Oriented Education

3) Effectiveness in Judicial System

4) Non Caste Based Reservation System

5) Labor Policies Review

6) Industrial Policy review

7) Small Businesses Encouragement

8) Effectiveness in Bureaucracy

9) Removal of Unnecessary Subsidies

10) Infrastructure Development Policies

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