10 Secrets for Becoming a Rummy Master

Become Rummy Master

Playing rummy is fun but mastering it will be super exciting. Now a days, with multiple online rummy sites & apps like Khelplay Rummy, chances of becoming a master has increased. You need to understand the tricks and nuances of the game. Most rummy players learn from their experience. Those who are wise and wish to learn from other’s experience go through blogs on tips and tricks. Read along to understand some such tricks.

Observe What Opponent Plays

This is a rule that applies not just to rummy game but to most card games that are popular in India. You need to wait and observe what the player before you play or disposes in his turn. This will give you an idea about the sets or melds he is trying to make’s

Discard High Value Cards First

If you are playing based on points, then this is a very important trick. You need to dispose the high value cards like J, A, K, Q and 10 if they are not a part of a natural set. It is also a great idea to make natural sets with small point cards. This way if your opponent wins, you won’t have much points to count in the hand.

Have Multiple Options for Making Melds

One mistake many rummy players make is that they stick to a certain natural set, sequence or meld. In the course, they fail to observe alternative options that may be possible. Don’t make this mistake. Keep multiple options open so that you have greater chances of winning the game.

Focus First on Preparing Natural Sequences

Even if you have all the other sets ready, if you have not made the natural sequence, you lose the whole hand and the points are counted 100 for your hand. To avoid this calamity, you need to first focus on building the natural sequence. When you make one natural and one other sequence, you have been said to acquire the life in Rummy.

Make Wise Use of Jokers

In rummy, apart from the existing jokers in the pack, there is also a pulled-out joker. Keep an eye on these and see if they can be replaced in natural sequences so that your hand is complete.

Have the Courage to Quit If Needed

Understand when the game is up. It is better to call it quits than lose out more points than is required.

Get Rid of Excess Identical Cards

In rummy, if you have many cards of the same number, you may end up not making a natural sequence. That is why, it is best to get rid of identical cards during the passage of the game.

Discard Joker If Need Arises

The attraction to have a joker may prevent you from winning the game. Too many jokers may prevent you from making a natural sequence. Dispose these off if need be so.

Work Your Strategies Sensibly

Think out your strategies in a manner that works best with the present opponents. What works with one opponent may not work with another and you may have to rework on your methods.

Misguide Your Opponent

Play cards to misguide opponents so that they do not get a hint about your cards. This will increase your chances to win the game. If you are a new player, please read the rummy rules & enjoy the game.

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