10 Student Clubs to Ensure Skill Development at IIM Shillong

IIM Shillong is a very popular Institute for management studies. Being an IIM, thousands of students wish to be a part of this prestigious institute, but only a few can be. This makes it one of the most sought-after B-schools in India.

IIM brand has always worked hard to provide students with exceptional training and knowledge to prepare them for the industry. But we know that only academics cannot help a student rather with extra-curricular activities help a lot in inculcating certain skills. In fact, fun activities and events help students learn a lot more than lectures do.

Ex: Organising an event, managing it, etc, will equip the student with required managerial skills much better than studies.

Also, we all would agree that club activities in college are the coolest things of college life. You get to hang out with people who share your passion, making the experience extremely fun. The student clubs at IIM Shillong offer the same kind of experience.

Through this article, we will tell you how IIM Shillong has built an environment which ensures to create business leaders for the future.

Now, let’s discuss the various clubs at IIM Shillong and what makes them great, along with what their club activities help students achieve.

1) The Operations Club of IIM Shillong

The Operations Club of IIM Shillong is a special interest group comprising of individuals committed to promoting the academic disciplines of Operations Management and Operations Research. It facilitates sharing of knowledge on Operations Management and Decision Sciences thereby enriching the student community with a deeper appreciation and wider application of Operations Management and its related fields. It organizes a host of competitions and other exciting events both online and offline.

The various events organized by the club are as follows.

The first event we are going to talk about is Gupshup. It is an interaction between corporates and students by bringing stalwarts from industry to campus and facilitating video-conference to create more awareness and experienced knowledge transfer sessions related to the real world experiences and future scope in the domain, which makes it an extremely helpful event for management students.

Optimus is an inter-college event series consists of competitions which test the participant’s creativity and competitive ability in basics of Operations and Supply Chain etc. related to the domain in the corporate world. It also brings in participation from students of Management Institutes across the country.

Oper8 is an intra-college competition to boost participation among the students of the institute through various events including fun, operations, and strategy rounds, which receive enthusiastic participation from students of all the programs of the Institute

Apart from these flagship events, there are also live-projects and workshops that are organized by the club.


ECoBiZ Club of IIM Shillong is for the environmental protectors and business enthusiasts, two very different and unique. ECoBiZ Club focuses on strengthening the link between social prosperity and economic profit, while also trying to instill among the members of the institute a notion of social responsibility.

The club conducts many events, in which they also focus on conducting tree plantation drives and cleanliness drives within and off campus. ECoBiZ Club of IIM Shillong also carries out Live Projects with Government and NGOs and also conducts Green Business case study competitions. If you feel good reading about the club, I guess you’d enjoy being in it even more.

Flagship Events include Biz Activity for the business minded, EcoTrek for the environmentally minded, Samuchit, and The Green Business Case Study event for both business and environment-minded. There are other events too, such as Annual Blood Donation Drive, which is not only a great activity but also one that gives back to the society and does some good. Prakriti is an annual Tree Plantation Drive.

3) Marketing Club

The Marketing Club of IIM Shillong gathers the zeal of all marketing enthusiasts and channelizes it through various activities. The club claims that this enables the students to gauge the various aspects of marketing domain beyond classrooms and leverage the same to get a stronghold in their professional careers thereon.

Let’s begin by talking about the Magazine of IIM. The club releases its flagship monthly magazine-Markathon, reaching out to over 5000 subscribers spanning over a host of corporates and premier B- Schools. The much-adored section-Vartalaap features interviews of eminent personalities enriching the connection between corporate and academia.

A few of the fun events organized by this club are War of Brands, Ulta-Pulta.

War of Brands is a three-stage competition organized by the Club. Participants not only design advertisements for various brands but also market their ideas through social media platforms.

Ulta-Pulta is a unique event in the sense that everything is in reverse. This event is for the creative geniuses out there.

4) ConQuest

ConQuest, the Consulting & Strategy Club of IIM Shillong was founded in 2008. It acts as a forum between the industry and students passionate about strategy and consulting. It strives to equip the students with the domain knowledge and skills by facilitating consulting assignments, expert talks, online newsletters, and competitions. The club conducts activities around the year attracting students from management schools all over India.

One event organized by the club is Paramarsh, the annual flagship event of the club, which involves multiple rounds testing the participant on domain knowledge, analysis ability, and scenario simulations and forming comprehensive solutions.

The battleground is another event by this club. It is a quarterly competition, which compels participants from various B-schools to challenge each other in a simple competitive quiz type contest.

Another club activity, but not an event, is their magazine, Strategist. It is the official magazine of ConQuest released tri-annually and having a readership of more than 1500. It helps students enrich their knowledge and understand trends across diverse sectors by sharing the best of sector analysis, strategic insights, and expert talks.

5) Niveshak

Established in 2008 as the institutes the first club, the finance club has progressively evolved into a strong platform for building a long-standing and mutually beneficial relationship between the corporates and the student community.

The club organizes various events to facilitate learning for students in the domain of finance and economics. In association with ICICI Direct, the club also conducts a virtual trading contest, which encourages the students to learn the nuances of the stock market. The club also partners with various online training academies, to encourage students in grooming their finance knowledge. The club members actively organize regular knowledge sharing sessions, where the trending topics will be discussed to keep the batch abreast with the current affairs in the world of finance.

Every year, Niveshak in partnership with ICICI organize the event StockMind, the national challenge of making the most amount of money on the livestock markets of India. Participants are granted access to the trading platform of ICICI which mimics an actual ICICI Direct trading account. Participants bet virtual money on the provided platform in the same format that traders do in the real stock market. To be honest, this would be the perfect event to participate in for management students, as it provides the closest to high stakes real-world experience as is possible for the students.

FinManch is another event by this club. It is also a great club activity as it provides a perfect platform to showcase the students’ knowledge in the realm of finance.

Now let’s talk about Comtrade, the Finance Club’s premier event wherein the students from different colleges are required to trade for different commodities on a common platform. Students get real-world experience from participation in this event too, thus making it a great event.

6) usHR

usHR is the HR club of IIM Shillong. The activities are focussed to bring IIM Shillong at the forefront in the field of Human Resource Management and help enhance relevant skills required to be successful in the corporate world. The club has over the years, achieved numerous landmarks, including the launch of the HR Conclave in 2016.Their list of events include the following events.

First is Kaleidoscope, the annual HR conclave of IIM Shillong which brings together eminent personalities from the corporate world in an insightful discussion on significant HR issues. It helps the club members be effective managers for the entire institute, as well as helps other students deal with issues.

Another event organized by them is Frenzy, a 3-day event with multiple activities such as role plays, quizzes, and simulation games.

Then there is also entHRal, the inter-college case study competition.

In addition to these, they organize multiple inter-collegiate quiz competitions throughout the year.

7) Koutuhal

Koutuhal is the Activities Club at IIM Shillong. It is the perfect place to show one’s talent and shine. Be it in quizzing or debating or taking up role plat. The club states that their primary activity is to conceptualize, plan & conduct quizzes, parliamentary debates, skits, puzzles, prose, and poetry writing events.

Through these activities, they help hone their skills and prepare teams to represent IIM Shillong at national and international levels through active participation in events like ‘Death by Rebuttal’ and ‘Nihilant’.

Death by Rebuttal is the name of their intercollege debate competition.

Drama is a pretty self-explanatory name. It is a stage play event for the students of IIM Shillong.

Prep Team is also an event organized by the club to prepare students for placement interviews and such by offering personality development exercises and such.

8) bITeSys

bITeSys is a club for the systems enthusiasts of IIM Shillong. It offers them a chance to share and enhance their knowledge in the field of Technology and Systems Management. Such live projects give them the opportunity to test their knowledge in complex business scenarios. The events organized by them are as follows.

The CXO Challenge a strategy based decision-making event for the strategy enthusiasts.

Online Treasure Hunt, an event to test the patience, persistence, and knowledge in the field of technology of participants.

Modulus Operandi a data analytics case study to challenge the budding data scientists and analytics enthusiasts.

Other club activities include SIM-BITE, a simulation-based competition, Inno-bITe, a one slider competition based on disruptive ideas in various fields.


I-Cube is the entrepreneurship club of IIM Shillong. It is perhaps the most important club for the students of management as it aims to augment the entrepreneurial spirit of the students and tap into their immense potential of innovative and futuristic ideas by mentoring and supporting them.

Interview with eminent personalities, workshops, conclaves, nation-wide competitions is some of the mechanisms they follow to enable the spirit of entrepreneurship. Their events are described down below.

Emerge, the Entrepreneurship summit of IIM Shillong organized yearly by i-Cube, E cell of IIM Shillong, is one of the most premier events in the region. The two-day summit is an initiative to recognize and felicitate the aspiring entrepreneurs of their country for their contributions and accomplishments in their respective fields.

Ideas shape the course of history. An idea is the essence of a start-up and entrepreneurship. With this thought, i-Cube, the Entrepreneurship Cell of IIM Shillong, organizes the event of Pratyay, conceptualized to celebrate the spirit of entrepreneurship. The event consists of case study competitions, speaker sessions, Model Investor Summits, in their shoes and cultural evenings

Other Events include online article competitions to felicitate the best articles written on entrepreneurship spirit, I-connect interviews, a platform where industry-leading entrepreneurs comes forward and interviews with them to share their experiences and views throughout their journey so far, and live projects for a first hand, industry experience for the students to learn from.


IIM Shillong has proudly hosted its flagship event, The IIM Shillong Golf Cup, every year since 2009. After its inception in 2012, the IIM Shillong Amateur Golf Club (IIMSAGC) took it up as its mission to increase the interest of students, the faculty members, and the administrative staff in the game of Golf and make the IIM Shillong Golf Cup a bigger success in the successive years.

IIMSAGC also became the first club in any Indian B-school institute to host practice sessions within their premises. Their list of activities includes the following.

Anubhav is an intra-college golf tournament conducted by IIMSAGC to introduce Golf as a sport to the students of IIM Shillong. This provides the opportunity to learn and compete with fellow participants in various events such as putting, chipping and stroke play.

Paganica is another one of the golf club’s activities. Due to the increased the awareness about the sport of golf within the B-school student’s fraternity, IIM Shillong Amateur Golf club organizes annual golf quiz event comprising of two rounds: first round being a general golf quiz and the second round which varies year to year so as to increase the interest towards this corporate sport.

Another important activity of this club is the publishing of The Annual Golf magazine of IIMSAGC, Albatross. It showcases the activities undertaken by the Golf Club throughout the year including the flagship event of IIM Shillong, Golf Cup. The magazine is circulated among the corporates so as to increase the corporate-wide visibility of IIM Shillong.

These are all the clubs that hold the IIM Shillong in their great arms. Events by these clubs are not only fun little activities, but huge managerial endeavours as well as a learning experience for participants. If you are a student at IIM Shillong, I hope the article helps you determine what club you want to choose while studying there. If you are not a student of IIM Shillong yet, I hope this article got you excited for when you finally enter those gates.

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