12 Quotes of actress Kangana Ranaut which proves her to be the most courageous woman in our society


1) Society has no business to judge women

If a woman is super successful, she is called a psychopath. If a woman is sexually active, she’s called a whore. I don’t find it humiliating when they call me a psychopath or witch.

2) Women should raise their voice and should fight collectively

I won’t say there was anything unusual about my childhood but I appreciate that today we talk so much about women empowerment.

3) Women need to prove they are no less than men

Though growing up didn’t seem something which is wrong like I thought it’s a matter of fact that being a girl child is a liability on our parents.

4) Let everyone live their own life

I think, when very humanly things are being discussed about us (celebrities), about how can her hair twist in that way, or how can her nose run..these things get slightly little too much because I am just a Homo sapien like you call it.

5) Bona fide critics

There are bona fide critics, who would give a critique and that would be actually valuable to a lot of people. So I respect it.

6) Getting aware about social media

Social media is very different. That’s about a lot of personal space, where everyone has a personal opinion on everything. It is not something that is going to make a direct impact on anything.

7) Junk communication

I am really not a person who likes, what you call, say, junk communication! There are no valuable ideas being exchanged out there. That’s out of my very little understanding of social media.

8) Being independent

I didn’t feel that I am any less than my brother and I am just someone who they just have to take care of. I felt quite independent. But that’s very rare.

9) Responsibility as parents

But my parents, I come from a joint family and they had their own pressures on them. But yes, they definitely didn’t think of me doing something other than getting married and taking care of my household.

10) Stereotyping

If you have to become an actress, you have to become this type of actress, you have to fit into those roles and you have to be attractive in a certain way, you have to be able to do certain types of dances and expressions.

11) We are not objects

It’s unbelievable that women have been treated like object.

12) Be proud of you

I am proud of my fragile body and sharp mind.

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