14 year old Arjun Santhosh’s unique protest to get the bridge sanctioned for his village !

14 year old Arjun Santhosh's unique protest to get the bridge sanctioned for his village !
Pic: Deccan Chronicle

Arjun Santhosh a 14 year old  school boy made headlines recently for his unique protest and it has got an unexpected result. Arjun highlighted the problems faced by the local people in a novel way.He swam 3 kilometres for ten consecutive days, yes he wanted to highlight the plight of his people due to the lack of a bridge.This protest got all the attention from the authorities and the two decade long overdue demand for the 700 mts bridge was sanctioned.

The added advantage for Arjun was he got a call from SAI Sports Authority of India who were ready to train and adopt him.

They noticed that he is a good swimmer with good endurance and untapped potential .He has been invited by Laxmibai National College of Physical Education (LNCPE), in Thiruvananthapuram to join their academy.

Arjun has accepted the invite will now relocate to the state capital , currently he resides in Perumbalam, an island village in Kerala’s Alappuzha district,the  famed backwaters of Kerala.His father is very proud of him and mentioned that princal of academy invited Arjun and the training would began from Monday.

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