1Learn to know 5 Billionaires Who Came Up From Nothing (Non Indians)

Who says opportunity is restricted to only those who have resources? It can be proven wrong if you go through below article. Though there are many more such cases but we have chosen these cases as these people are not much famous among Indians.

1) Jan Coum, the co-founder of Whatsapp with an estimated worth of $6.8bn today literally was dirt poor and lived on food stamps

Jan Coum Whats app

2) Kenny Troutt, the co-founder of Excel communications with net-worth of $1.7bn grew up with a bartender dad and paid off his college fee by going door to door, selling life insurance


3) Howard Schultz, CEO of Starbucks with a net-worth of $2bn grew up in a housing complex for the poor, knowing that “people on the other side had more money, resources and happier families than himself”

Howard Schultz, CEO of Starbucks

4) Oprah Winfrey, the first African American TV correspondent with a net worth of $2.9bn was born into poverty, malnutrition and extreme physical abuse and molestation by relatives and visitors

Oprah Winfrey

5) Shahid Khan, the owner of Flex-n-Gate and the premiere league soccer team Fulham used to wash dishes in his teenage for $1.20 an hour

Shahid Khan

6) John Paul DeJoria, the man behind a hair care empire and patron tequila with a net-worth of of $3.9bn lived out of a car and sold newspapers to support his family

John Paul DeJoria

7) Do Won Chang, the founder of Forever 21 with a net worth of $5bn worked as a janitor, gas station filler and in a coffee shop to make ends meet

Do Won Chang

8) Ralph Lauren, CEO of the premium clothing brand Ralph Lauren started as a clerk at Brook’s Brothers

Ralph Lauren, CEO

9) Luxury goods mogul Francois Pinault with a net worth of $15bn, quit high school in 1974 after being bullied for being poor

Francois Pinault

10) Leonardo Del Vecchio, the owner of luxury spectacles brands like Ray-Ban and Oakley grew up in an orphanage and lost part of his finger In a factory accident

Leonardo Del Vecchio

11) Legendary financial trader, George Soros with a net-worth of $20bn worked as a waiter and railway porter to support himself through his college life

George Soros

12) Li Ka-Shing with a net-worth of $31bn through his successful real-estate business had to quit school to help support his family

Li Ka-Shing

13) Harold Simmons, one of the richest persons in the world with a net-worth of $40bn grew up in a shack with no plumbing or electricity

Harold Simmons

14) Larry Ellison, founder of Oracle with a net worth of $41bn dropped out of college to work and support himself through eight years

Larry Ellison

15) Investor Ken Langone, with a net-worth of $2.1bn was born to a plumber and a cafeteria worker

Ken Langone

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