15 Must know Quotes of Billionaire Entrepreneur on SpaceX’s & his plans to send People to Mars in coming years

Pic: ttalents.com

It (spacecraft) has to be fun or exciting. It can’t feel cramped or boring.

We aim to improve the cost per ton to Mars by five million per cent.

You can’t create a self-sustaining civilisation on Mars if the ticket price is USD 10 billion per person.

It’ll (spaceship) be, like, really fun to go. You’ll have a great time.

The Mars colonial fleet would depart en masse.

We need the spaceship back, so it’s coming. ou can jump on board or not.

The architecture allows for a cost per ticket of less than $200,000.

We think that the cost of moving to Mars ultimately could drop below $100,000.

The objective is to become a spacefaring civilization and a multiplanet species.

The main reason I’m personally accumulating assets is to fund this.

What I really want to try to achieve here is to make Mars seem possible – like it’s something we can achieve in our lifetimes.

There were “two fundamental paths” facing humanity today. “One is that we stay on Earth forever and then there will be an inevitable extinction event. The alternative is to become a spacefaring civilization, and a multi-planetary species.

The reason I am personally accruing assets is to fund this.

I really have no other purpose than to make life interplanetary.

Mars would have a labor shortage for a long time.

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