18 month Advika Bale is a wonder child , from currencies to seven wonders she knows it all !

Pic: TOI

Did you know that Advika Bale  is a 18 month old baby from Nagpur and she has amazing General Knowledge ?

Yes! she knows the currencies of 26 countries, she can identify the seven wonders of the world and their nations and not only that she can even translate the names of animals from English to Marathi. It is all in a day’s play for this 18-month-old baby.

Asavari Bale, her mom was in for a surprise when her daughter started speaking last month. From the moment she started speaking she has just been rattling off everything her mother had read her since she was six months old. Her mom used to show her alphabet, fruits and animal pictorial charts and later on  started teaching her about countries, currencies, the wonders of the world etc when she was just 8 months old and the baby girl  knows it all .By her 10th  month she could identify all the body parts.

TOI actually spent almost two hours with Advika where they asked  her 100 questions from a long list prepared by her parents which Advika answered immediately. She only hesitated twice, when she was reading a word chart. Her parents mention that Advika loves to look at books and is ever  hungry for knowledge.

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