20 Best Motivational Learning’s from Gita Updesh, Bhagavad Gita

20 Best Motivational Learning’s from Gita Updesh, Bhagavad Gita

Gita is one of the best religious books in this world. It has all the learning’s in it. If people read and follow Gita and its teachings then you will see complete peace and harmony in the world. Here we are sharing some of the best motivational learning’s from Gita Updesh, Bhagavad Gita

1) Believing in Karma

Gita teaches us to believe in Karma. There’s nothing called lottery or luck in everyone’s life. A person gets his life based on his Karma. If you do good things, you will get good results. If you will do bad things you will get bad results in return.

2) Individuality & Togetherness

Though we are bound to many others with some sort of relationships but still everyone has their own identity. A person should develop skills to work individually and in team.

3) Being Unbiased

Don’t take sides. Don’t favor someone unreasonably. One needs to be unbiased in all life decisions. Never do injustice with anyone.

4) Nothing is Permanent

Everything in this world is temporary whether a human life or any materialistic thing. Even happiness and sadness are temporary.

5) Worry has no Solution

We all worry all the times but worry has no solution. Worry will only add more problems. A worried person kills himself/herself.

6) Be Alert

Whether day or night, at home or outside, working or relaxing one should be alert all the times. You never know what situation you need to face next moment.

7) Follow Procedure

Don’t make shortcuts in life. Always follow procedure. History will blame you if you don’t follow procedures.

8) Believe in Dharma

One should learn from history and should follow Dharma. There are some principles which doesn’t change. Dharma helps you to go long run.

9) Do Justice

A society can be healthy and livable when every of its citizen gets the justice. You should fight for justice and your right.

10) Stay with Truth

Sometime you need to take stand against the wrong things. Always stay with the truth. Never support or trust a person who lies.

11) Stay in the Company of Wise People

Always be in the company of gentle people. It will help you learn lot of good things. Wise people will never give you wrong advice.

12) Knowledge & Skills

Knowledge or skills doesn’t work alone. Only combination of it works. Do practice to be master of any field. Only skills and right knowledge can take you forward.

13) Follow Good Habits

It is important for a person to follow good practices. It’s important that you should live a disciplined life and you need to have full control on you.

14) Whatever Happens, Happens for Good

Everything in life happens for a reason. Life is full of ups and downs. One learns from every situation. Be strong in all situations.

15) Don’t Be Materialistic

Life is short and limited. You can’t take anything with you. One need to leave this world empty handed. Don’t be materialistic as it will never give you true satisfaction.

16) Life Continues

Whether you are there or not life continues. Work for a larger goal. Protect humanity and nature. Take decisions for future.

17) Don’t Cry

Sometime we get over excited when we are happy and cry a lot when we lose something. Gita teaches us not to cry when we lose something because whatever we have gained, we have gained here only. There’s nothing which we brought with us when we were born.

18) Believe in God

One needs to be spiritual. It keeps your mind and body fit and peaceful. Believing in god helps you to remain connected with your roots. A spiritual mind will never get lost.

19) Be Rational

Don’t be so judgmental. Don’t be so optimistic or pessimistic. Life is about keeping right balance. Be rational and treat everyone equally.

20) Be Tough

Sometime you need to be tough in life. You need to keep balanced emotions. Don’t be too soft as others can take advantage of you. This is also fact that only tough people handles tough situations.

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