26 years later: Army dogs to walk down Rajpath this Republic Day

26 years later Army dogs to walk down Rajpath this Republic Day

This year’s Republic Day is going to be a special for the dogs. Before you run after ideas brewing inside your head, by dogs we mean the Army dogs. After a gap of 26 years, Army dogs will participate in the parade this Republic Day.

India Army’s dog-troop from Remount and Veterinary Corps (RVC) Centre and School in Meerut is back to participate in the prestigious parade once again.

The army dogs are not an ordinary clout of canines. The Army dogs have played a key role in many army operations, and saved the lives of countless soldiers all through the years.

Giving them their moment in the spotlight, news just floated that Army dogs will march down the Rajpath this year. Of the 1,200 Labradors and German Shepherds, recruited in the Army, 36 of them have been selected to make an appearance down the Rajpath accompanied by their handlers.

What’s most interesting to note is the dogs’ enthusiasm for the event. Because four months prior to the Big day, the selected dogs have been undergoing special training with their handlers. Practice-sessions take place thrice in a day. The dogs are being made to adapt to the ambience that they will find at Rajpath, so that the dogs do not get flustered because of the clamor there.

Keeping in mind the occasion, the selection-process for Army dogs was tad bit different. It is primarily based on how well a handler is able to tackle his dog. Because the success-rate of the performance is heavily dependent on a dog’s behavior.

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