5 Best Motivational Website of India


The Art of Living

The art of living is all about giving the right orientation and more meaning to one’s life. It is about evoking the lost confidence in people, improving their sharpness and intuitive skills and opening their creative ideas. It is about making a person feel blissful about the life he is blessed with by looking at the wholesome approach of it.


Speaking Tree

Speaking Tree provides a broad online platform to everything that you may want to know or read about. It includes detailed insights to spirituality and living, the health, the career prospects, astrology, human psychology and perspective, provisions for online puja with complete details etc.



It has volumes of anecdotes, stories and real life coverage to give you the much needed motivation to live life to the fullest. You would find some really heart touching stories which will motivate you towards humanity and positivity. It is the platform where you can find remedy to your depression, boredom and lack of zeal by reading out those wonderful experiences and stories put up here.



It is an amazing platform to derive inspiration from the most unexpected resources. Ink talks is dedicated to turning new inspiring ideas in to a reality. It talks about the perspective of people who are young at heart in today’s emerging economies. It organizes the events in the colleges, schools and at various different corporate and organizations.



Joshtalk is a platform to provide a deep insight to the real life story of any successful person you see around. The aim of this website is to share the hurdles, obstacles, struggles and the pain underwent by a lay man who is nobody to become somebody in life. Jashtalks was started in 2014 and is gaining popularity in short span of time.


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