5 IIT-JEE Success Stories of Rags to Riches

A famous adages says, “You can’t get rid of poverty by giving people money.” To add to this, we can say that the only way to end poverty is to give people opportunities.  Thankfully, India is a country full of them. And facilitating that are the amazing educational institutes of the country, where it is made sure that money is not the problem for the most talented minds.

The IITs have been the most revolutionary thing to have happened in the educational development of India. Indian Institutes of Technology have produced some world renowned personalities in science field. Graduates from IITs are considered to be the most qualified and suitable for different job profiles, even in the most developed countries.

The best thing about IITs is that admission in these institutes is entirely merit based. So if you have the talent and perform well in the entrance test, you get the admission.

There are numerous examples of how some students from utterly underprivileged backgrounds have worked so hard to crack IIT JEE so that they can rise above from the difficulties they have faced their entire lives. Truly, IIT JEE is not just any other exam, it can change your life and make it better than it ever was.

Let’s discuss some of the most inspiring stories of the candidates, who, despite all the difficulties in their life, cracked IIT JEE and got admission in the desired colleges. This way, they not just opened the gateway to a better life, but also made their parents and all of us proud. Take a look!

Vibilisetti Mohan Abhyaas

V Mohan Abhyaas, who is the son of Samosa Vendor in Hyderabad, fought against all odds and secured a splendid All India Rank 6 in JEE Main. His father Subba Rao has been selling Samosas in Hyderabad from past 13 years and is really delighted with what his son’s achievement.

V Mohan Abhyaas maintained a good performance in JEE Advanced as well and secured a staggering score of 310 out of 366. He dedicated his success to his parents and teachers and shared his dream of becoming a scientist. On his son’s success, Subba Rao said, “I am very happy. My son used to study 10 hours in a day. He is going to be the first one from our family to become an engineer.”

V Mohan Abhyaas has been dreaming of being an engineer since he was in 8th grade. His story is a great example of the fact that anyone can rise from the problematic circumstances if he/she is dedicated to work hard.

Arbaaz Alam

Arbaaz Alam is another great example of how students can crack this exam with hard work and dedication, even when the odds are against them. Arbaaz is the son of a roadside egg seller. He scored a 339 out of 366 in JEE Advanced.

Arbaaz Alam took coaching from Super 30, which provides free JEE coaching to students with financial constraints. After seeing his name in the list of successful candidates, Arbaaz said,” I will now have my own house where I will live with my parents.”

Along with his parents, his mentor Anand Kumar also played a great role in Arbaaz’s success. Speaking about his mentor, Arbaaz said, “Anand Sir made me feel confident about my capabilities. He boosted my confidence and always gave me the courage to believe in my dreams. Now I think that it’s just a matter of few years when my father will not have to sell eggs in the chilly winter nights.”

Along with Arbaaz’s hard work, Anand Kumar’s contribution is admirable and inspirational as well. He has been helping students to get into their dream college from past 15 years and that too, free of cost.

Arpit Prajapati

Arpit Prajapati, even while fighting a constant battle with poverty, secured a magnificent 46th rank in JEE Advanced. Prior to this, he had also secured an All India Rank of 244 in JEE Main.

Arpit’s father is a Gardener and their financial position was not well enough to be able to afford coaching classes. However, both Arpit and his father have always been hardworking. Seeing Arpit’s talent, the institute he took coaching from let him sit in the classes for free.

Arpit dedicated his success to his father who worked really hard and supported him throughout. He said that his goal is to work in Google and end the poverty of his family.

After securing 244th rank in JEE Main, Arpit realized that he is not that good in chemistry like he is in the other two subjects. Therefore, he started working a little harder in chemistry and achieved good scores in all 3 subjects in JEE Advanced.

On his son’s success, Arpit’s father said,” I am a gardener and do not understand the kind of education my son is going to pursue. But I always wanted my son to be successful and reach new heights. He was diligent in studies right from childhood and that’s why I always motivated him to study hard.”

Adarsh Lal

Adarsh Lal is another student from Super 30 to crack this prestigious exam and get into IIT. Adarsh secured AIR 7040 in the OBC category.

Adarsh’s father is a general merchant and earns a measly income of INR 7000 per month. He spends half of his income on funding the education of his two elder sons.

Adarsh said that his father has a huge role in his success. He said that his father took loans, worked extra hours, but never kept them deprived of food and other basic facilities, including education.

After his success, there is hope that Adarsh will be able to get his family out of this vicious circle of poverty. Against all odds, he has achieved what many Indian students aspire.


Living in an outlying village in Rajasthan, Bhairulal achieved what his family only dreamed of. Bhairulal’s father is a farmer and a dairy worker, and his mother is a MNREGA worker.

Bhairulal achieved an All India Rank of 6750 in unreserved category and 1143 in OBC category. After securing more than 80% marks in class 10, he was suggested to go for coaching for JEE. However, his father could never afford coaching as it was very costly.

In this situation, Allen Coaching Institute came to his rescue. He was given 50% scholarship on the coaching fee and Bhairulal did justice to it by cracking the exam. Bhairulal said that after pursuing B.Tech., he wants to sit for UPSC as he’s always wanted to do something for the nation.

These stories are proofs of the fact that to be successful, you need only one thing, and that is determination. If you’re determined towards your dreams and work hard for it, nothing can ever stop you from achieving success.

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