5 Inspiring Moments for Team India (Cricket)


Indian Cricket team is a great example of how a team should be like. They have seen good times, bad times and get love from every corner of India. What is more important is the fact how each time the team as a whole has evolved learnt and moved on. We will analyse certain events that has made the team come out even stronger. Let’s have a look at them


World cup 2011 (Respect for an Individual)

India won the world cup 2011. A match that is etched in our memory for life. Even though Yuvraj was declared the man of the series, we all saw the limelight on Sachin, since it was the last WC for him. The team taught us an important lesson – to give the respect to an Individual that he deserves.


Sydney Test (Learn to forgive and move on)

The very infamous Sydney test in 2008 when India toured Australia saw some of the worst umpiring in Cricket. Anil Kumble was the captain of the team that time and he decided not to crib about it and took the whole incident in a positive game spirit. Sometimes we need to accept unfair treatment meted out to us and then come back stronger and defeated the hosts in the next match.


Kolkata Test (Never give up)

Kolkata Test in 2001 when the Aussies toured us is a remarkable show of team strength and spirit of the Game. It teaches us not to give up ever. Indian team played like heroes and India won the test match even after getting Follow-On. VVS Lakshman and Harbhajan Singh were the star performers but the team also showed tremendous never say die attitude.


10 wickets of Kumble against Pakistan (Play for teammates)

The historic 10 wicket haul of Anil kumble in 1999 is one of his best bowling performances. But do we know the whole team was involved. When he was on his 8th wicked the players realized that if he is allowed to take 2 more wickets it might be a world record. Thus it was the first time when other bowlers were bowling not to take wickets. This team effort paid and Kumble finally got his 10 wickets in an innings.


Natwest Series (Learn to reply at the right moment)

When Andrew Flintoff took off his Tshirt at Wankhede Stadium after levelling the series with India, It was received in agony by the Indians, but the team waited for the right time and the reply was given to them when Sourav Ganguly took off his Tshirt in a similar manner at Lords. India won the ODI at lords and won the Natwest Series which evened us out. It teaches us when to stay back and how to reply at the right moment.

Cricket as a game is full of strategies, fun and politics. There are immense learning’s if we learn to interpret the game in the right spirit.

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