5 Most Fun Filled Indian Cricket Commentators

Cricket is an entertaining game. It’s incomplete until there’s interesting and full of fun commentary. In the past two three decades we have seen many commentators but most of them are serious commentators.  Anyway we tried to list out 5 most fun filled Indian cricket commentators as following.

1) Navjot Singh Sidhu

He will impress you with his shayari, grip on English language and thoko taali.

5 Most Funny Indian Cricket Commentators - navjot singh sidhu

2) Sunil Gavaskar

He is serious and funny at same time. When he is funny he is at his best.

5 Most Funny Indian Cricket Commentators - sunil gavaskar

3) Krishnamachari Srikkanth

He is always tension free. He will not even let you get tension.

5 Most Funny Indian Cricket Commentators - Krishnamachari Srikkanth

4) Harsha Bhogle

He is one of the most intelligent cricket commentators. Even if he is making funny commentary, it will be logical enough.

5 Most Funny Indian Cricket Commentators - harsha bhogle

5) Ajay Jadeja

He is a cool commentator. You will see him relaxed. When he is with Navjot Singh Sidhu then no one can match them.

5 Most Funny Indian Cricket Commentators - ajay jadeja

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