5 Qualities of Sourav Ganguly Which Proves Him To Get Larger Role In Indian Cricket

Sourav Ganguly Qualities-TN

Sourav Ganguly has been India’s one of the successful captains.  We believe that he’s under utilized in Cricket Administration and should be given more responsibilities as he has potential to deliver a lot for India and Indian cricket. Let’s have a look at 5 qualities or you can call strengths of Dada which makes him a deserving person.

1) Grooming New Talent

Sourav always believes in giving chance to new comers. During his captaincy, players like Yuvraj, Harbhajan, Sehwag, Zaheer emerged as Cricketing stars. He gave enough time and chance to new players to perform.

2) Risk Taker

Dada is risk taker. While he used to play for India, he always believed in trying new things. Whether it’s changing orders, trying new combinations, utilizing talent, he succeeded in all this.

3) Mentally Strong

He is a thinker on and off the field. He will not say or do something to please anyone. If will speak what the truth is. India’s Master Blaster Sachin Tendulkar once said, “Sourav’s greatest strength is his mind. He is hardworking – not only in the nets but also mentally. He bounces back.”

4) Quick Learner

Best thing about him is his eagerness to learn. Whether it’s playing cricket, commentary, coaching or administration he’s a quick learner. When he became captain of Indian Cricket Team, Indian Team was going through tough time. Sourav with his ability and learning attitude was a great help to many players.

5) Leadership Qualities

Former Australian Cricketer Steve Waugh once said, “He’s very competitive and knows what he wants. He has developed toughness in character and that is what is needed for Indian cricket. Ganguly has proved to be one of the best captains. He has now acquired great leadership qualities. ” Many successful cricketers failed as a captain due to lack of leadership skills but Ganguly was able to succeed just because his talent for leading from front.

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