5 Reasons to watch Killing Veerappan, Ram Gopal Varma Movie


Films which Ram Gopal Varma can make, no one else can make. He’s a true film maker. His new movie Killing Veerappan is releasing on 1st January 2016. Here are our 5 reasons as why this movie is a must watch.


Massive & expensive search

This is the actual story behind Asia’s biggest manhunt for “Veerapan” famous sandalwood smuggler. It is said that about 734 crores were spent to capture him. It took 10 years to kill Osama Bin Laden whereas it took 20 years to kill Veerappan.


More than a dacoit

He was said to be the most dangerous man in the crime history of Asia. He killed 900 elephants,  184 common people,  and 97 policemen.


Rise & fall of crime

This movie will showcase the rise and fall of one of the biggest crime in human history. Operation Cocoon will take you through difficulties of such operations.


Mental state of a criminal

This film will showcase mental state of a criminal as how he reacts in personal and criminal life. What makes a criminal, a criminal. We can expect to see some personal life aspects of Veerappan.


Difficult story

Veerappan spent all his life in dense forests, roughly 6,000 km². To make a film on his life requires deep understanding of the subject and daring. After looking at the trailer, it looks the Director has done great work on choosing location and showcasing forest life and i’s challenges.

Watch Trailer of Killing Veerappan


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