5 Reasons why BSF plane crash victims’ families ask Rajnath a right question

5 Reasons why BSF plane crash victims' families ask Rajnath a right question

Earlier this week the sad news of an air-crash came about, in which 10 BSF Jawans lost their lives. Obviously their families were in shock and completely grieved. The government, on its part, offered assurances that the matter would be looked in diligently, and the families’ grievances would get addressed. But apparently that wasn’t enough for the families. They want answers. Answers as to why troops lose their lives and VIPs escape unscathed?

When Union Home Minister Rajnath Singh came face-to-face with the affected families, one of the questions he was asked was: “Why are old aircraft being used and lives of troops put at risk?”

The timing of this question is very apt, and the question itself is unflinchingly very correct.

Here’s why:

Value of Life
Irrespective of which vertical of the army Jawans may be deployed in, the life of a Jawan is most valuable to the nation.

Protection of Soldiers
It must be the responsibility of the nation’s leaders to ensure that Jawans receive as much protection as they provide to the nation by putting their lives at risk.

Think About Families
Whereas the nation may or may not overcome the loss of soldiers’ lives, the story of their families is entirely different.

Immediate Replacement
The fact that this question was poised to the Home Minister also subtly highlights that the government hasn’t been very proactive in replacing the old fleet of planes with new ones.

Getting Past Red Tape
According to family members of one of personnel said that new acquisition of machines is stuck in “red tape”, as a result lives of soldiers are going to be perennially at risk.

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