5 Reasons Why Files Related to ‘Bose’ & ‘Shastri’ ji should be declassified

5 Reasons Why Files Related to Bose and Shastri should be declassified-TN

  • Both were Indian residents. All Indian residents as per Indian constitution are equal and deserve justice.
  • Whatever it is, truth should come. There can be no reason which is bigger than life of two individuals and about the fact what really happened to them.
  • Their families have every right to know about their beloved members.
  • The way things are not made public, kept confidential, it creates lot of ‘suspicion’ about the incidents.
  • If these are not made public, general public will have questions over the legal and fundamental systems of the country. Systems too need to change with the time.

We wish with the voice of youth, someday, some government will consider to declassify these files.

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