5 SSC CGL Success Stories to Inspire You

SSC CGL or Staff Selection Commission-Common Graduate Level Exam is one of the most sought-after examination. Staff Selection Commission is an organization controlled by Govt. of India which recruits staff for various posts in Ministries, departments and subordinate offices of Indian Govt.

Selection Procedure for SSC CGL: The examination takes place in these four stages, only after clearing these you can get recruited on any of the posts offered by Govt.

Tier 1 (Preliminary) – Written Examination (Objective Multiple-Choice Type)

Tier 2 (Mains) – Written Examination (Objective Multiple-Choice Type)

Tier 3 (Descriptive Test) – Essay / Passage / Application / Letter Writing

Tier 4 (DEST/CPT) – Computer Proficiency Test / Data Entry Skill Test / Document Verification

This showcases why SSC CGL is one of the toughest examination to crack. Therefore, requires a level of strategic preparation and consistent hard-work to clear this exam.

So, if you’re planning to sit for this examination, in this article we’ll disclose the preparation strategy of five people who not only passed but topped SSC CGL:

1) Abhinav Gupta:

In 2016, Abhinav Gupta, a Chartered Accountant by profession decided to take SSC CGL examination in the hopes of bagging a job at the Income Tax Department. He started preparing 5-6 months prior to the exam and studied 2-3 hours every day. Of course, that evolved to 12-14 hours of attentive study 1.5 months prior to the examination.

If you’re wondering what was his magic mantra to secure AIR 11 (All India Rank), it’s simple.

  • Polishing up the basics and rigorous practice were his main strategies of preparation, not to mention plenty of online tests and mock question papers that he solved.
  • Abhinav decided to concentrate on English and Mathematics since these are two important sections which require more focus and command than the others. Reading newspapers and solving questions are only two ways in which you can improve these, according to him.

However, he advises aspirants to never emulate others’ strategies, instead to develop your own. Also, he warns that all questions might not be easy for you, so you must also learn to skip questions and not cry over spilt milk. Though, he has advised not to copy strategies we still hope that you were able to catch a few pointers from his story.

2) Kamalika Das: An M.tech student, Kamalika Das took two attempts at the SSC-CGL, when she couldn’t clear the cutoff for Tier-II and finally succeeded the second time.

  • Her mantra was simple, albeit abstract and not as easy as it seems: Belief in oneself. According to her, she took 10-20 days off her M.Tech studies and concentrated all her energies on study 7-8 hours each day.
  • Solving online mock papers was her way of preparation and practice was her only way of improving.
  • According to her, self-study is more important than going to all the best coaching institutions for such examinations.
  • She advises that any aspirant concentrate on improving the weak areas and also on improving the speed and accuracy of solving questions. Once you have that in hand, your ordeal will become much easier.

3) Divyesh Vagela:

Another topper from the 2016 SSC-CGL, this man is an MBA in Human Resources. In order to fulfil his dream of becoming a Government Official, he took the exam for the first time in 2015, but when he failed to clear the cutoff for Tier II he decided to come back and try again in 2016. Though he had the experience of the exam beforehand, his job was a major hurdle for him and reduced his study hours significantly.

  • He studied SSC-CGL syllabus every day for 2-3 hours and while that may seem too little especially compared to others on our list, in his defense he started his preparations two years ago.
  • He distributed his energy and concentration according to the requirement of the subject and prepared for Mathematics and general knowledge mostly in the mornings while devoting some time to quality reading.
  • According to him, that is the best way to develop English skills. His advice to you is to never give up.

Now that you’ve read his story, it’s time for you to get a new hobby.

4) Sagar Gupta:

Sagar Gupta, a B.Com graduate from a small village in Jharkhand, sat for SSC-CGL 2013 and succeeded in cracking the examination shattering quite a few myths surrounding the examination in the process.

  • He prepared mostly by taking practice tests, one each day and improving on his weakest areas, analyzing each of the practice tests afterwards for mistakes and then improving on them. Learning from his mistakes, he would then try again next day.
  • For mathematics he is of the opinion that all tricks cannot be studied so, simply to make a good foundation out of your basics only.
  • Unlike others though, he says that studying for 10-12 hours daily to succeed is a myth and one should only study for as long as he can every day even if that number is in the single digits.

As long as you believe in yourself and march on without getting disheartened you will be able to successfully crack SSC-CGL.

5) Abhishek Pandey:

Here’s some major inspiration for the Engineers. This man had an educational background of a B.E in Electronics and telecommunications and MBA in HR and by profession was an ex-Airforce officer. He is a veteran, figuratively speaking, as far as Government Examinations are concerned having cleared SBI clerk, IBPS, UDS before SSC-CGL.

Having a treasure-chest of experience was a major factor in helping him prepare for the SSC-CGL and by his own confession, his preparations started 10 months prior to the actual examinations.

  • His strategy was to study the basics and then when your hold on the subjects is more or less secure sit for mock tests.
  • That way he could identify his weak spots and work on them.
  • He suggests taking one mock test per day as a way of preparing for the examinations.

Also working hard to achieve your dreams and not being disheartened is another piece of advice from him.

Some Common Pointers from The Success Stories

1) Never giving up:

Every person on this list has one thing in common. None of them was in the least daunted by the prospect of failure and indeed when faced with it the first time, they refused to back down.  Instead, they trudged on and faced all obstacles to succeed in life.

2) Tier II is tough:

Even if you can pass Tier 1 well, you might stumble on Tier 2. Two entries on our list certainly did. So, make your preparations that you are able to overcome all levels without a hitch. Also, if you do stumble, get up and try again.

3) Practice:

Practice makes a man perfect. It is essential that you practice especially in those areas where you are weaker.

4) Self-Study and Mock Tests:

None of our successes seems to have availed the help of coaching centers. Instead, they all approve of self-study since that allows for more flexibility in schedule. Also, for identifying and correcting problem areas, mock tests are the way to go.

These are the basic principles of success in any examination and can be followed universally by everyone. The only difference between success and the average result is the dedication and hard work. Also, how much time you are willing to give to your preparation.

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