5 Things to know about Anoop Thakur

5 Things to know about Anoop Thakur

Thakur Anoop Singh has just won the gold medal in the fitness physique category at the World Body Building and Physique Federation Championship in Thailand. There are many inspiring things to know about this Indian body-builder who has made India proud.

A popular actor

His good looks and muscular frame helped him gain popularity in the entertainment industry and played the role of Dhritarashtra in the Star Plus epic mythological serial Mahabharata in 2013. This was his life-changing experience.

A trained pilot

This fitness freak still holds a current pilot license, but when the world was hit by recession, the airline industry was badly hit and he chose acting over flying. In 2013, Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) included Anoop Thakur in the prestigious FAA Airmen Certification database.

A passionate dog-lover

He is a dog-lover and believes a dog gives us unconditional love and he owns a Great Dane whom he has named Oscar. He is attached to few NGO’s also who works for the betterment of stray dogs and he provides food and care to the stray dogs in his society also.

Bronze medal at Asian body building and physique 2015

At the 49th Asian Body Building and Physique 2015 held in Tashkent, Indian team won 3 Gold, 4 Silver and 5 Bronze medals in total. This 25 years old Anoop Singh won Bronze in Men’s Fitness Physique (Senior) category. It was the best performance of the Indian team ever in this championship.

Runner-up of fit factor at body power India expo

Thakur Anoop Singh was the runner-up in this year’s Fit Factor at Body Power India expo-the second largest appearance of UK’s largest fitness expo in India. Experts of fitness Industry and top models judged this competition and model participants were judged 50% on their physique and 50% for their fit factor.

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