5 Ways to Get Rid of Procrastination


Procrastination is the tendency of people to put off tasks that need to be accomplished. We all procrastinate, over some trivial work or even at some really important tasks at times. The waiting just before the deadline can be moving occasionally, as much as necessary to get the motivation just to get the dreaded task completed. But sooner or later, this chronic procrastination begins to hinder work efficiency. It also affects our mood and state of mind by generating worry, fear, or added stress. Below are some of the ways one can deal with procrastination


Stop the all-or-nothing thinking

The attitude of ‘If I can’t do something perfectly, I might not do it at all’ is a very negative approach to begin with. We should always remember that imperfect action is better than absolute inaction.


Three questions to ask

Before we start working on any task, we should ask ourselves the following questions. While doing so, we should be thoroughly honest for it shall decide how dedicated we are towards completing the task:

  • Is this the optimal use of my time and resources at this particular instant?
  • Will I be able to perform this task to the best of my abilities?
  • Am I using this task as an excuse to avoid working on something else that deserves more attention?


Prepare a to-do list

Write down the task we have been delaying. Writing the task will constantly keep it in front of our eyes so that the mind doesn’t easily ignore it. Noting a task has become even simpler because of freely available apps.


Break down the task in small steps

One of the main reason we procrastinate is because we dread an awfully long task that we fail to decide where to begin from. Breaking down the task into a series of little doable steps can help us stay focused on just handling the next little task and make the entire activity seem manageable.


Reward yourself

We shouldn’t wait until the end of the task to congratulate ourselves. Instead, we should try praising ourselves for each small victory, rewarding ourselves for each little step completed. The reward can be anything that pleases us, for example – treating yourself with an ice cream, or watching a favourite movie. Doing this can be very motivating and it also prevents the fear of failure from creeping into the process and sabotaging our efforts.

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