5 ways to overcome fear of Earthquake


Run for a long distance

After having a bad earthquake experience, you need to walk for a very long distance. You will feel better as your body will release feel good factors and will make you feel better. The fact that you are fit and fine after a few earthquakes is a good enough reason to celebrate life rather than being scared of earth quake.

Be prepared

Red Cross society can provide you all the help needed to prevent yourself from any damage during the earthquake. Just log on to their website and they will also let you know how to prepare an emergency kit and what all it should contain.


Hide under a table

Don’t be sacred that your house might give up. Normally nothing major happens unless the earthquake is very bad and lasts for too long. You also need not run outside your house every time. Just hide under the table and wait for the earthquake to settle down. It is okay to have such experiences as there are lot of disturbances in the nature which is causing it.

Talk to people who have experienced it

Some people take it really easy and they even make fun of the experiences they have had during earthquake. Talking out your fears to them will help you feel better. Also, when you will see that there are people who take it easy and hence are much more at peace then you will also relax yourself and forget about it.


Keep yourself busy

The more you think about such things that much more anxiety you build up. The best way to deal with any fears is to keep yourself busy through the day. And on weekends try and engage yourself in some productive activities.

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