5 ways to overcome fear of sexual abuse


Make peace with your past

Usually, people are scared of sexual abuse when they have had a history of people abusing them. The best way to deal with it is to leave the past to where it belongs. You need to move on with the clear idea that the past has no control over your present.

Talk it out to somebody close

Talk out your fears to your mother or your sister or a close friend of yours who you can trust. It is okay to have fears from past experiences or just irrational fears. But, what is more important is to learn to overcome the fear. One positive affirmation that works in this case is “I am safe in this Universe”.

Trust yourself

Not everything that you see happening around is for you. Each one of us is on our own journey of life. You need to understand that if you have come so far hale and hearty than it’s all going to be okay going forward too.


It is important to forgive if something has gone wrong in the past. The past is over and has no control over your present. You should forgive people and thereby you are forgiving yourself and not them. Avoid bad company in the future and be in company of good people who send out happy confident vibes.

Take control of your life

You need to approach life with a positive attitude. Every thought that you are creating in mind is indeed creating your future. So avoid watching movies showing sexual abuse and avoid reading such novels. Stay optimistic and be happy in the space you are currently. If you make your present joyous than your future is surely gonna be joyful and cheerful.

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