5 ways to overcome the phobia of accident


Follow the traffic rules

Often accidents happen due to carelessness. But, the carelessness could not be always ours it could be someone else’s who banged on to our car. The best way is to stay safe from our side by following the traffic rules as they are meant to be. People who break the rules are often met with the ill fated accidents is what law of karma says.


Stay Positive

It is important to stay positive while driving on the road. Surely, you see many accidents happening around but that does not mean that it will happen to you. Stay positive and you will attract only positive things in life.


Praying will help you to overcome any kinds of fear by giving you strength. Accidents of fire, water or any kind would just go away the moment you start bringing confidence and faith in God. Such accidents are often past karma oriented and by doing good deeds you can write off all your bad past deeds.


Stay confident

It is important to stay confident in life and to live if fully and enjoy it thoroughly. Accidents are a very rare thing to happen and not everybody will be a victim of accident. Live life the way it comes and by staying positive and confident you will automatically invite lot of positive things in life.

Exercise, socialize and be an extrovert

People who exercise a lot, socialize a lot and are cheerful and open hearted have very few fears residing inside.  They are happy go lucky kind of people. The moment you start loving life then all these fears would come out of you in no time. Life also brings you the best of the experiences when you start loving it full heartedly.

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