5 ways to overcome the phobia of Vomiting


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Divert your mind

Vomiting sickness is very common while travelling in air or water or by bus. Motion sickness is very common and could be overcome by diverting your mind. The more you focus your attention on the developing acidity on your stomach the giddier it makes you feel.

Develop good immunity and digestive system

To avoid falling sick you need to have a good immune system and a stronger digestive system as well as it will help you digest all that you have eaten better. With better digestive system the acidity problems go away leaving you more comfortable.


Carry the emergency kit

In case of this phobia you might as well have vomiting while traveling to long distances. Carry vomiting bags along and a few tissues as well. Also, carry some mint, digestive pills and mouth fresheners to help you overcome the vomiting sensation.

Let it go

People who have tendency to control things like typical Type A personalities who would want to do everything on time, plan and control etc. they have a tendency to develop this sickness pretty much. The other category of people called Type B personalities who are carefree and take life as it comes tend to develop this vomitish tendency less. You need to flow with the things happening around then you will develop less tendency of feeling giddy every now and then.


Anxiety is the main reason behind giddy feeling. People who worry a lot end up developing giddiness faster. A lot of people have less confidence and take a lot of tension and hence end up feeling giddy before exams or travelling. Accepting life the way it is and having an happy go lucky approach will help you fight with lot of fears, depressions and discomforts.

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