500 Million Internet Connections in India soon

500 Million Internet Connections in India soon
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Internet is very important in this world these days. It can be said that life would come to standstill if this internet is not available. Most of the work is done using internet these days. Such is the dominance of internet that even small kids use the internet at will. It is same in India also. This was not the case in the 80’s and 90’s when internet was not there or may be in the initial stages.

It is said that in India alone there are around 400million internet connections and this would go to staggering 500 million in the coming years. Telecomm minister Mr Ravi Shankar Prasad was of the opinion that soon there will be a stage where all the Indians would have mobile phones with them. It must be noted that the minister took part in ASSOCHAM Such Bharat- Confluence and Awards 2015 in New Delhi.

It is known that Internet Service Providers Association of India, ISPAI deals with the promotion of usage of internet across India. This association was first formed in the year 1998. The main objective behind this association is to provide broadband or internet to all. It must be noted that this ISPAI was also responsible for influencing and changing some telecom policies over the years and thereby providing a path for the Internet Service Providers, ISP, and business people to develop their services in a cordial environment for the benefit of the people.

It was also said that this ISPAI was also responsible to end monopoly in the telecom field as the hurdles were broken for many ISP to come and establish them. This had led to the development of India. The internet that was once considered out of reach was available at cheap cost and this provided a way to connect India with other countries. It was said that India at present is among top 10 nations in the world with respect to the internet users. ISPAI can feel proud that it is now recognized apex body of Indian ISPs  all over the world. Great days ahead for India!! . .

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