6 biggest mistakes to avoid while playing rummy online!

Classic Indian rummy is a game that can be enjoyed by everybody irrespective of their age. As a simple game to learn, rummy is a cross-variation between Rummy 500 and Gin Rummy played using 13 cards per hand. Playing online rummy is fun and entertaining, and at the same time is a good way to chill out.

Like most traditional games, classic Indian rummy requires a lot of attention to play without making any mistakes. Here are six common mistakes which are often made while playing rummy online:

  1. Learn the game

It is always best to know how to play rummy. For any online rummy game, there will be a set of rules. Understand them and keep on practicing a lot so that you become familiar with all the rules. Don’t play any game without prior knowledge as you will only end up losing.

  1. Straight sequence

When the cards are dealt, arrange them in the order that you require. Try forming a straight sequence at the earliest. This will help you in the game play. Prepare a good strategy based on the set and plan ahead accordingly.

  1. Keep watching your opponent

Be attentive in the game. Follow the moves of your opponents, more specifically the cards they play. Keep a close watch on the cards they select or discard during the game. This will help you in planning your strategy.

  1. Discard high point cards at start

High point cards are the ones from 8 (in point value) and above. It is generally advised to discard them in the start so as to reduce the number of points in your hand – if they don’t make any particular sequence. Be wary of the fact that while discarding them, it would also give the opponent a chance to complete their sequences.

  1. Use Joker wisely

It is noted that many players discard the presence of Joker in their set. This practice is not always necessary. A Joker card can be used to complete sets that are partially sequenced. Given the element of chance, it might be useful as per the cards you have. Try to retain the card as much as needed so that you can fill up a sequence.

  1. Know when to give up

In an online rummy game, the cards are dealt out at random without any particular sequence or pattern. If you end up with a weak hand, do an acute analysis of the game play that can be implemented. If it’s too difficult, the best advisable strategy would be to drop out and try again.

As mentioned earlier, the above discussed points are just common pointers that are generally noted by all players. These common mistakes can be rectified by playing with rapt attention. Now go and enjoy a game of rummy!

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