7 Benefits of ‘Smart City’ Project of Indian Government

7 Benefits of 'Smart City' Project of Indian Government

Developing 100 Smart Cities is an ambitious Project of Indian Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Modi. Here are ‘7 Benefits of ‘Smart City’ Project of Indian Government’.

1) It can improve life of people who live in or around big cities. Smart city means it has everything.

2) It can improve basic necessities like power, water, sanitation, health etc. Basic things are surely provided in a smart city.

3) It can help reduce travel time within the city. Additional infrastructure will help in commuting.

4) it can improve health services in the city with more hospitals. Focus is always on prevention.

5) It can help clean environment with technology like solar etc and more green area in a planned way.

6) It will uplift life of poor and lower middle class people. It can provide low cost, affordable housing.

7) Once social structure is improved it will help overcome problems related to religion, myths, caste etc etc.

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