7 Inspiring things to know about Indian Republic Day


The Constitution was made

Republic day is when the Indian Constitution came into being. It is when the constitution was written in Hindi and English and India got a basic fundamental body to govern itself.

21 Shots

When the president opens up the Indian Flag and host it high in the air to respect and salute the Nation then 21 bullet shots are fired in the honor of the flag.

Symbolized independence before India got rid of Britishers

The Independence Day celebration was done on 26th jan every year since 1930. Jan 26th was treated as independent day since long back.

Amar Jawan Jyoti

Every year at India Gate in Delhi, the Prime minster put a wreath around the Amar Jawan Jyoti in remembrance of all brave soldiers who have died fighting for the nation.

Beating Retreat

Every year on 29th January since 6 AM in the morning a beating retreat takes place at “The Victory Square” every year to signify the closing of the Republic day celebrations of the current year. This was a tradition done in England since 16th century and the same is adopted by us too.

National Holiday

Every year 26th Jan is considered to be a national holiday for all. This is just like a national festival. The parade, the salutation and the celebration is done by the soldiers and it is broadcasted in all the channels for the entire nation to watch. The celebrations done involve, singing, March, dances, flag hosting etc. The celebration is very colorful and is worth watching on the TV.


Republic day signifies patriotism throughout the country. One could hear the patriotic songs being played in all the corners of the nation. All the schools and the colleges also celebrate the national spirit by organizing skits, singing and dancing.

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