7 Inspiring Things to Know About Michael Jackson

7 Inspiring Things to Know About Michael Jackson

1) Multi talented

He was a singer, songwriter, dancer, record producer and an actor performer. He was called the ‘King of Pop’ and ruled the world in Pop Music during his era.

2) Dominated Pop Music

Jackson single handedly dominated pop world for many decades. He is till ruling this space and not forgotten by his followers.

3) Complicated dance techniques

People admire him for his dance moves. He invented many complicated dance moves. Robot and the Moonwalk are still famous across the globe.

4) Many awards

He received many awards including Guinness World Records, Grammy Awards, American Music Awards and many more. Getting an award was a very small thing for his stature.

5) Tremendous work

He gave many albums, discography, filmography and world tours. He performed almost on every platform. He was known to be a very dedicated and hard working person.

6) Grabbed media headlines

Wherever he went he always grabbed world media attention. Media personnel described and called him as “King of Pop”, “Extremely Important”, “Genius” and many other names. He was also called “The greatest entertainer that ever lived”.

7) Extraordinary wealth

He was one of the richest artists ever. He created numerous wealth. As an estimate it’s close to $800 million dollars over the time. Though he died untimely, but he has left behind many things as his legacy.

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