7 Must Watch Hindi Bollywood Films that inspire women to Play Sports


Women are endowed with beauty, compassion and love and sometimes mistakenly thought to be as too delicate for sports that demand strength and training. Women as incarnations of Goddesses in different religions show us the versatile aspects of women and womanhood. Jumping out of the circle that limits women with stereotype definitions, women are challenging and breaking the shackles of old beliefs. These movies inspire every woman to express her sporty being and follow her dreams.

1) Chak De! India

The story starts with selection of the best women hockey players around the country to make a team of superstars. These superstars are proud of their country and respect their national identities more than their regional and personal identities. The Indian captain refuses her fiancée when he tried to condition her to choose between sports and marriage.

2) Mary Kom

Waking up early in the morning, putting on her worn out boxing gloves, she struggled day to day to become a legend. With a burning passion and unstoppable energy, she knocked off everyone who challenged her in the ring. She inspires all those who think that married women are only for household jobs.

3) Saala Khadoos

A small town girl unaware of her innate talent started boxing just to fulfil her financial needs. With the right guidance when she comes to know about herself, then she never let down the trust of her coach. The feeling of love and respect towards her coach became source her inspiration to become a winner.

4) Sultan

You can’t trick her with sweet words. Committed to big dreams herself, Aarfa only said a yes to Sultan when he proved his commitment to her. For Aarfa, between love and sports nothing was secondary. She bargained her dreams for the sake of her children and supported Sultan to become a champion.

5) Dil Bole Haddipa

Cricket though a conventional sport only for men, yet Veera decided that what makes her heart racing is worth taking a risk. Disguised as a man, Veera made her entry in the cricket team to prove that talent has no bar for any gender.

6) Football Shootball Hai Rabba (Bend It Like Beckham)

A player of Indian origin in British soccer team, Jess chased her dreams against all the odds. Seeing a shrine of David Beckham in the bedroom of her daughter, no wonder her mother thought that Jess was rather obsessed. But, she was not a just a fan follower. When it came to performance, she came out with flying colours.

7) Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara

Your life becomes shut to all heart-throbbing experiences when you start protecting it from risks. Laila knows to trust her intelligence and embraces life with a feeling of trust. Time changes, life changes, Laila doesn’t want to kill the excitement of future by anticipating it. She inspires to be fresh and lively in every moment of life.

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