7 Must Watch Hindi Bollywood Films Which Inspire Women To Be Journalist


Moving against the tides, where most of us still like to choose a job which is a fixed shift and office based, there are others who are willing to work in a lively environment. Unlike following the lifestyles of going to the office, finishing the assigned work and coming back to the home, journalists are there to cover real time cases and stream it live on air for us. Ever ready and vigilant, the journalists are the nerves and backbones of every transformation. These movies leave us totally inspired to take up the challenge of becoming a journalist.


As a college student, Romi started working as an activist, often busy in heading campaigning for bringing changes that were needed. Realistic Romi inspired her friend Karan who wasn’t aware of any aim in his life before he met Romi. As Romi grew up, she herself became a war correspondent. Supported by her motivation, Karan also realized the Lakshya of his life and became a dedicated soldier in military.


One of the most important works of a journalist is to create awareness among people by revealing truth. A fraud Baba who was using the ignorance of superstitious people against themselves by presenting himself as a Godman got totally caught up when questioned logically on a live show. Jaggu and her alien friend PK exposed the so called Baba. They proved everyone that if there is any GOD, s/he is same for all.

No One Killed Jessica

No, it’s not just another story. The film shows the real case of the murder of Jessica Lal who was shot dead by arrogant Manu Sharma, the son of an influential political leader. Even when there were so many witnesses against him, nobody was ready to appear in the court due to which the case was closed. Journalist Meera Gaity reopened the case to resolve it.

Phir Bhi Dil Hai Hindustani

Ajay and Ria were not so well known journalist and were struggling to earn value in this industry. They even got a case that could give them much wanted fame. Instead of going straight after the fame, they took their time to know the real story in depth and presented the truth without bothering about TRP.


For covering the important news reported by a fake call, reporter Varsha Mathur went but got kidnapped by a group of terrorists. The movie shows that the work of a journalist calls for alertness and investigation.

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A reality check for celebrities who often get so lost in their unreal lives that they end up being unreal to even themselves. Madhavi Sharma as a journalist takes you behind the cameras. She leaves for us to choose a real or fake personality.

Madras Cafe

Every time when Major Vikram Singh got into trouble, war correspondent Jaya Sahni always proved helpful. She updated Vikram timely for various sensational reports which were critically important for his case. An inspirational movie, Madras Cafe reminds you the value of every moment of time and the role of a journalist in getting timely news by moving ahead of time.

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