7 Must Watch Hindi Bollywood Films Which Inspire Women to Join Police Force

When girls should be given training for self-defense, they are often made to be dependent on their father or brother for their protection as if they can be there every time. It cultivates a sense of insecurity in girls and restricts their independence. The courageous tales of these police officers in the movies below motivates every girl to be independent, confident and bold.


In the movie Mardani, Rani Mukherjee in the role of a brave police inspector Shivani Shivaji Roy encounters the kingpin of human trafficking and drugs cartel. She fights against the men who fulfilled their vested physical needs by assaulting young girls. They took pride in their masculinity by reducing femininity as a matter of sex.  Inspector Roy killed the criminal to release all the abducted girls.


Jai Gangajal

The MLA who was misusing his authorities for creating anarchy in his district initially thought that it was going to be easier for him if the SP is a woman. But, from the day Abha Mathur took the charge, she never let injustice happen. As an officer, she served her duty as a responsibility towards the citizens and maintained law and order in the most chaotic circumstances.



Integrating the evidences to solve the intricate murder mystery of her son, Tabu checked every possibility to filter truth from lies. She took every puzzle as a door to unlock the truth. No matter how complicated the case became, she tried till the end.


Phool Bane Angaray

When an elected public servant Bishamber Prasad starts encouraging corruption for personal favours, the SP officer in charge Namrata arrested him. In order to take revenge from her, Bishamber and his men intimidated her to leave the job and even killed her husband.  With her never compromising attitude for justice, Namrata lost the peace of her life but did not give up the fight.



An officer abide by law goes beyond her job role to find out the real life of a terrorist. When she discovers the helplessness that forced the convict to become a terrorist, she made every effort to rehabilitate him and help him to become humane once again.



Every case is important alike to a responsible police officer. An old unsolved case that could have been closed became a link to a current case. With her detailed investigation, police officer Sarita Sharma connected the clues to complete the jigsaw puzzle. She solved both the cases successfully.


Samay – When Time Strikes

A sociopath became a serial killer to take revenge from the ACP Malvika Chauhan when he got eliminated for the same job considering his weak eyesight. In order to attract attention and satisfy his ego, he made innocent people his victims and after killing them left some clues. With her witty intelligence Malvika solved the thrilling case to prove that why she was more deserving after all.


Wish more and more women will join police force in future!!

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