7 Places Where You Should “Not” Cut Costs


Saving money, time and other resources is good but not everywhere. There are some places where you should not “Cut Costs”. Rather you should increase your spending in these areas to live a better life. Smart people never ignore these areas.

1) Self Learning, continue getting more and more training’s. Never stop learning.

2) Healthy Food. Avoid roadside food. Healthy food will lead to good health.

3) Insurance, especially medical. It will help you in bad times.

4) Safety of you and your family. Never compromise with any kind of safety measure.

5) Donation, helping others. There are people who need your help, so help them.

6) Nation building. Pay your taxes on time. Do something which could help your country.

7) Mentoring. Spend your time, may be not money on mentoring. It’s simply give and take.

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