7 Reasons to watch Comedy Movies, Plays, Shows and TV Programs

7 Reasons to watch Comedy Movies, Plays, Shows and TV Programs

Humour is best medicine for good health. Watching comedy stuff helps your body for better health.

It makes you positive. When are happy, you will feel good about life.

Watching comedy stuff will make you more creative. Comedy is not easy. You learn creativity as how others make you laugh.

It keeps you away from negativity. When you are watching comedy, you will not think about other things.

It reduces stress. When you are happy, away from negativity, relaxed then you will not feel stressed.

It brings humour in your life, your talk, your way of interaction with others. It helps you in managing better relations with other people.

Being humorous helps in team building. People feel comfortable when they are relaxed and are working with a person who is little funny.

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