7 Reasons why we fail in every job we do – Self evaluation!! Must Do

1) Doing the job which you don’t like at all. Means choosing the profession which you don’t love at all.

Why We Fail - Not doing what we love-Optimized

2) Doing work without concentration & discipline. Talent alone will not help you get succeed.

Why We Fail - Vinod Kambli

3) Not getting into details. Jumping the gun without knowing facts.

Why We Fail - unpreparedness

4) No self up gradation. In order to keep your pace with the change it’s necessary for everyone to keep learning something otherwise one will become obsolete for sure.

Why We Fail - not upgrading

5) Postponing work. Taking things lightly. When things will become urgent then you will be under tremendous pressure as you will have no time left to do them.

Why We Fail - Postponing work

6) Not delegating work. Becoming one man army. Through delegation only you can develop junior people & can take senior positions. No one in this world can do everything at his/her own.

Why We Fail - not delegating

7) Not prioritizing tasks. Not following 80-20 principle where it says 20% of the reasons cause 80% problems. People ruin their entire day by not prioritizing jobs one night before or early morning. They end up doing unproductive things by the time the day is over.

Why We Fail - not prioritizing tasks

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