7 Things a Startup Founder Must Do

7 Things a Startup Founder Must Do

When a startup is founded it is called “One Man Army”. In initial days, especially when you have no co-founder or inexperienced co-fonder(s), life becomes a challenging task. Whether a startup founder should do certain things or not, creates big confusion among many newcomers. There are few jobs, tasks which if a founder is not master, but certainly need to be aware of. Here’s have a look at ‘7 Things a Startup Founder Must Do’:

1) Hiring & Firing

A startup founder must do and get involved in initial hiring process for his/her startup. Hiring core team is the crucial thing for a startup.  Firing at right time is also important. Be blunt and bold in both hiring and firing.

7 Things a Startup Founder Must Do - hiring and firing

2) Cash flow & Finances

Managing money inflow and outflow is very important task. You could run without money if you are not able to manage cash in your bank. Make sure you know the methods and it’s implications. Also learn day to day business transactions in accounts.

7 Things a Startup Founder Must Do - managing cash flow

3) Operations

Be part of the day to day activities & processes at initial stages. As a founder you should know where every single brick is being laid. Otherwise you will not be able to scale it later.

7 Things a Startup Founder Must Do - managing operations

4) Sales & Marketing

No startup founder can scale or run the business at initial stages if the founder is not a good salesman. No one can pitch your business better than you. You have to speak to your customer from your heart.

7 Things a Startup Founder Must Do - sales and marketing

5) Compliance’s

When you run your business you have to do many statutory compliance’s like taxation, company law, human resources etc etc. Spend time with your Accountant, CA and Legal Adviser to learn what compliance’s are all about.

7 Things a Startup Founder Must Do - doing compliances

6) Customer Care

Your initial customers are your assets. Until you make them happy, they will not market your product or service. Take the lead and interact with customers. If possible take every call yourself when it lands at your reception.

7 Things a Startup Founder Must Do - take calls

7) Building Team & Delegation

Business success depends on how strong team you have. If you are not strong, you can’t build a strong team. Build your core team and empower them. Do delegate.

7 Things a Startup Founder Must Do - building team

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