76 Year old Meenakshiamma’s Kalaripayattu Skills Will Take Your Breath Away !!

76 Year old Meenakshiamma's Kalaripayattu Skills Will Take Your Breath Away !!
Pic: Wikipedia, Representational Picture

Meenakshiamma  is a 76 year old famous Kalariapayattu expert.She lives in Vatakara, Kerala She is a star in this art and teacher of Kalariapayattu. This inspiration art form makes the use of sticks, swords, shields and daggers with precision and focus.Training for this combat is given at the Kalari .

There is video featuring Meenakshiamma’s incredible skills which is posted on a Facebook page by India Arising on June 16 and has been an instant hit watched almost more 9 lakh times.

The clip features Meenakshiamma with her sari pallu tucked into the waist, wielding a stick with breathtaking accuracy against a young man who is presumably  her student. They are surrounded by huge crowd cheering them with whistles and claps.Her performance is breath taking and amazing !

This is an ancient martial art and is regarded as one of the oldest fighting systems in existence ,almost 3000 year old. It makes the learner confident and focused.

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