80-year-old couple Kay and Joe O’Regan win marathon together

80-year-old couple Kay and Joe O'Regan win marathon together
Pic: runnersworld.com

80-year-old couple Kay and Joe O’Regan from Ireland each won their last marathon while celebrating their 57th wedding anniversary.

The couple crossed the finish line of the 42km Cork City Marathon holding their hands together on June 6. They started running marathon together 30 years ago in the London Marathon in 1986. Their hands were intertwined when they completed their debut Marathon and finished in exactly the same way in the Cork City Marathon too.

Since their debut in marathon, Kay has competed in 113 marathons and Joe in 29. Usually, they prefer to participate in separate marathons, but the pair decided to run together in the Cork City Marathon, so that it would be perfect to celebrate their 80th birthdays, as well as their 57th wedding anniversary.

They finished the Cork City Marathon in 5:25:29, each winning their age group. Past accomplishments of the couple are Kay has won the Irish national marathon championships in the 60, 65, 70, and 75-year-old age division. Joe’s performance at the Cork City Marathon makes her the fastest 80-year-old female in the U.K.

Finishing the marathon, Joe said, “Running is a part of our lives. And it hopefully will be for a few more years. In Ireland there is a saying: those who pray together stay together. Well we say, those who run together stay together.”

The couple’s win not only be as a testimony to their years of dedication but also proves that love is timeless.

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