A hard-hitting subject on Feminism: Chetan Bhagat’s One Indian Girl

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From the blockbuster novelist who has given us Five Points Someone, One night at the call center, The 3 mistakes of my life, 2 states, Revolution 2020 and Half Girlfriend, comes another crazy story, One Indian Girl. Yes, Indeed Mr. Chetan Bhagat the writer who has touched many hearts with his entertaining and gripping stories is back with another subject, a subject which touch feminism to its core. Basically a story from a girls point of view about love, dreams, career and feminism in Modern India and that’s what all about is One Indian Girl and if you are a true fan of Mr. Bhagat’s book and is in love with his much charming characters and love to read his writing style then this is surely for you only, to keep you gripped and edged.

Here we are stating some of his points from his new book.

About the Book

One Indian Girl is the story of Radhika Mehta who is soon to be get married. Radhika works as an investment banker at Goldman Sachs. She makes a lot of money and have an opinion on everything and she had an boyfriend also in her past. The book carries her journey as a women and what she has deal with in every step of her life, the book describes all.

The opinion

Chetan Bhagat is the only writer who has garnered the largest fan following and undoubtedly, he is India’s biggest author and may it be romance or sport or any other subject, Chetan Bhagat has always touched the base as he goes by his opinions and this time his opinion is on feminism on which his latest book is based. It deals with all of the women’s issue.

Powerful and controversial subject

As Chetan Bhagat himself is a little controversial man who stays in news by his one or the other tweet, the same he chose for his subject also. Being on feminism, the subject is powerful but also controversial as it raises questions on society which judges women as per its standards and question its existence.

The standard parameter

A women is always weighed on fixed parameters of standards, the parameters which questions her love, her personal life, her being an intellectual and intelligent and her being successful in her own right. She is always weighed lower than a man and this book will touch all of it.

About women

The book is all about one women and deals with feminism which isn’t an equal world for the women’s to which most of the women’s don’t realize and keep struggling for their own rights. Chetan in this book has highlighted all the issues which affect a lot of people.

Feminism is equal

Chetan Bhagat in his book has stated that feminism is equal rights and there’s nothing fancy about it and it gets complicated because men and women want different things out of their lives broadening the gap between themselves.

Drives and motivations

The core drives and motivation of every women is different and in this men controlled world, women were forgotten humans as they didn’t keep women in mind as much. The book arouses a feeling of understanding Indian women better and what they want should be kept in priority.

Female influence

How Radhika carries her journey through many odds will definelty land you into some kind of magical influence. The book has Radhika’s inspiring journey who has broken many barriers only to be of her own choice, like a free bird.

Kangna’s desire

After reading the first manuscript of the book, Kangna Ranaut, the famous Bollywood actress has expressed her desire to portray Radhika’s character onscreen which would be delight for many of her fans also. She is the only actress who has carried such independent roles.

One Indian Girl

A girl who is intelligent and also successful and having these two basic and major factors in her life has led to an absence of love in her life on which she is keen to find and she’s finding it difficult and the book has all the answers.

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