A Letter To Google Exec Who Died In Mount Everest Avalanche

Before Dans climb his girlfriend Ashley asked friends and family to write letters to him tn

Before Dan’s climb, his girlfriend Ashley asked friends and family to write letters to him (Source)

Among the many heart-wrenching stories of loss emerging from Nepal is this. Dan Fredinburg, the 33-year-old Google executive who died in an avalanche at Mt Everest base camp caused by the earthquake that devastated the country, was carrying letters from friends and family. They had asked him not to read the letters before he reached the summit.

Dan Fredinburg

Now, his friends will never know if he read their heartfelt messages or not before his tragic death.

Sophia Bush and Dan Fredinburg in 2013

Sophia Bush and Dan Fredinburg in 2013. (Getty Images)

Dan’s friend Max Stossel, who had written one of the letters, posted the note on Facebook on Sunday.

Fredinburg near Everest base camp

Fredinburg near Everest base camp, April 24, 2015. (Dab Fredinburg/Instagram)

In the Facebook post, he wrote that Dan, one his ‘dearest friends,’ was a wonderful human being. (Article Source: NDTV, Read Full Story)

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